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Latest Reviews

The tour was top notch in every way, from the itinerary to the local guides to the out-of-this-world vegan food. Diana also happens to be a fun and nice person to be around. I would travel with her again, anywhere, without hesitation and I recommend you do too.

Dave S. / Thailand 2019

I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand but honestly thought I would never get the opportunity unless I went alone, which is kind of a terrifying thought when you’re vegan, have no idea about where to eat, don’t know the language and haven’t traveled to southeast Asia before. The people we met, the places and sights we saw, the customs we partook in, and the knowledge I gained, was incredible and unforgettable.

Diane N. / Thailand 2019

This was amazing! Absolutely worth every penny!

Brina M. / Las Vegas Food Tour

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