Vegan in Paris: BrEAThe Restaurant

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The exquisite BrEAThe Restaurant in Paris sets out to explore plant-based cuisine. And, this upscale eatery does just that, serving some of the best vegan food in Paris. If you’re a vegan in Paris, visit BrEAThe.

With a fresh, fun and vibrant ambience, guests are treated to some of the most extravagant and delicious food in the city. While the entire meal is delicious, the must of the dining experience is their desserts.

Fresh eclairs. Creative macarons (we’re looking at you, Rocher macaron). Meringue. BrEAThe’s desserts are the pinnacle of an incredible dining experience.

Offering regular meal service, as well as brunch and high tea, BrEATthe Restaurant is one of our favorite spots to bring people while exploring the vegan cuisine in the city.

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