Do you have a question about Vegan World Tours and the upcoming tours being offered? Check out our FAQ to see if we answer it for you! If not, feel free to send us an e-mail.

Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included in the tour, as well as sales tax and gratuities for all meals and activities mentioned on the tour.

You are responsible for your airfare from/to your home, travel insurance, any vaccines, additional fees accrued during your stay at the hotels, whatever you do in your free time, any additional food or drinks you order during the provided meals.

   Vegans, Baby uses and recommends World Nomads.

The cost for travel insurance depends on the trip and your coverage. Standard can range from $50 to $150 depending on when you book, your age, country of residence, etc.

We use Google Flights to get an idea of cheapest days to fly, as well as Skyscanner and Secret Flying. Sometimes it is less expensive to book airfare out of a major international airport to another and then take budget airlines to and from those hubs. In America, budget airlines include Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant. In Europe, RyanAir, Easy Jet, WOW, Transavia, French Bee, Norwegian Air are some.

Some countries require vaccines (like Yellow Fever if traveling to parts of Africa), others vaccines are suggested. Consult with your physician or visit the CDC website to see which vaccines are suggested.

It depends on your country of residence. If you’re from the USA or Canada, no tours we host require visas at this time.

If you are traveling outside of your home country, you need a passport.

Your passport must have at least six months validity from the final date of the tour to its expiration. If there are less than six months remaining on your passport, you may not be allowed in the country. If you need to renew your passport, give yourself at least eight weeks or longer. If you don’t have that much time before the tour, there are expedited services offered.

The tour is hosted by a member of the Vegans, Baby team. Founder Diana Edelman hosts some tours and it is disclosed when she is. Every member of the Vegans, Baby team are amazing, passionate people who love to travel … and eat … and are knowledgeable of the destinations on the tour.

The tours are entirely vegan but may not include all-vegan restaurants. Hotels offer vegan options for breakfast, but not every item is vegan (we will make sure you are informed of what is/not vegan). All meals as a group are vegan and no non-vegan dishes/condiments may be brought to the table. 

We do our best to support locally-owned businesses, sustainable businesses and also carbon-offset the tour.

You are never required to participate in anything. No discounts are given for activities or meals which you choose to skip.

It is extremely important if you have any special dietary needs to let Vegans, Baby know upon booking. We cannot accommodate oil-free or gluten allergies for all meals and do not recommend people who require these needs to be on the tour as oil is used in many dishes and kitchens are not gluten-free. Depending on the location, we also cannot accommodate nut allergies.

You can take local transportation, a cab or ride share. We will provide you with the routes and additional information prior to departure.

Activities range from walking tours of the city to vegan food tours, cooking classes, day trips and more. Soft adventure can include bike rides. If you are not able to walk distances of more than 1 mile a day, our tours are not suggested.

We provide you with hotel breakfast and daily vegan meals. It’s our goal to introduce you to the local cuisine as much as possible and steer clear of mock meats, burgers, etc. We highlight local establishments creating delicious food that is for any foodie — vegan or not.

Tips are included in the cost for all group activities. Outside of group activities, you are responsible for tipping.

Tipping depends on the location. We provide information to you prior to the trip regarding tipping, cultural insights, what to wear and more.

Any transportation as it relates to group activities on the itinerary are included in the cost of the tour. Transportation to/from the tour, as well as any transportation used outside of group activities are your responsibility. We will send you information regarding what you can expect to pay for transportation before departure.

Flights within the tour are included, but flights to/from your home are not.

We welcome solo travelers! If you are traveling solo you can opt to be roomed with another solo traveler (if applicable) or enjoy a private room.

The single supplement fee is the cost for a private room for one person. Pricing for the tour is per person, based on double occupancy rooms. If you are solo and have a private room (or if there are no solo travelers to room with), you must pay the supplement.

Absolutely not! We design this tours for everyone and pride ourselves on selecting restaurants that are delicious to everyone.